Mission Statement

Numismatics is defined as the study or act of collecting coins, paper money, and medals. Numismatically Yours is an innovative, yet quintessential, numismatic company offering fairly priced coins to all numismatists. We strive to create a high level of trust between ourselves and our numismatic clients. Our goal is to enhance the numismatic community by openly providing knowledge to all aspiring and seasoned numismatists alike. Leaving our website without learning a new numismatic tidbit is defined by us as a failure. No collector is too big or too small, all deserve equal investment.

Buying and Selling Coins

We buy and sell coins, paper money and precious metals. If we do not have the coin you are looking for in stock, please fill out the wish list form. We frequently attend numismatic shows and conventions in pursuit of coins for our clients. At the moment we do not have a physical storefront, but we can schedule a meeting with a client at a secure location.

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